Can I Pay by PayPal?

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Due to many challenges faced in the past with Paypal, we do not accept payments through this platform.

Instead, we have set-up systems to accept credit card payments directly through our secure and safe online payment forms for convenience.

Paypal Credit

For those that would benefit from Paypal's 0% credit options, we do make special exceptions due to the different guaranteed payment terms that Paypal offers us as an organization.

This means that we accept Paypal Credit as a payment option.

Other Method of Payment

  • Bank Transfer - we accept bank transfers solely for members that are stepping into The Pattern Trader Elite
  • Checks - we do not accept check payments
  • Cash - we do not accept cash
  • Bitcoin - no, and no.

If you have any further questions regarding payment methods, then please reach out to [email protected] for one-to-one support.

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