I Am Not Receiving My Weekly Video Report

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Firstly, thank you for registering to receive Weekly Video Reports, I can understand your frustration if these are not landing in your email inbox.

Let us help you to get this problem resolved.

#1 - Are You Receiving Any Emails From Us?

If you’re not receiving any emails from Mark, then the problem is likely to be a technical issue, to resolve this please click here to address the most common reasons that our emails aren't reaching your inbox.

If you are receiving emails from Mark, but you’re not receiving the Weekly Video Report, then please read on.

#2 - What a Video Report Email Looks Like

One of the main reasons why some traders believe that they don’t receive the Weekly Video Report is because the video report is one of several things included in Mark’s sunday email.

He does not just send an email called ‘Weekly Video Report’ - instead, he includes his video report alongside his written market analysis.

Please review emails that you have received from Mark on Sunday.

If you scroll down in the email, you should find a section that looks like this:

This is your Weekly Video Report.

Upon clicking the highlighted link, you’ll be able to access the latest video report.

#3 - Still No Sign of The Weekly Video Report?

If you have followed the previous steps and you’re still unable to find your Weekly Video Report, then our team are here to help.

We’ll be able to personally look into your situation, see what emails have been sent to you and what you have opened, to identify any potential issue.

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