I need help to understand Mark's Open Position table

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The position table has 8 columns (sometimes 9 if I add a Comment). Those columns include:

  1. Date: the date the trade was initiated
  2. Pair: the pair selected for the trade (the -W at the end of some pairs indicates this is based on Weekly rather than Daily charts)
  3. Position: whether the trade was a buy (long) or a sell (short)
  4. Entry Price: the official price at which the trade was entered
  5. Current: the current price at the time my email was sent
  6. Stop Loss: the price at which the trade is “busted” and we exit for a loss
  7. Take Profit: the price where we get out with a profit
  8. Open P/L: the amount of profit or (loss) measured in pips – this is the distance between the Entry Price and the Current price at the time of the email
  9. Comment: sometimes I include a special comment such as “CLOSE position @ Market” which means to get out of the trade right now. Most of the time there is no Comment at all

And that’s all there is to it!

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